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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration


  • Reservoir
    1.Catchment Area: 303 square kilometers
    2.Reservoir Area (at EL. 170 m): 10.24 square kilometers
    3.Normal Maximum Water Surface: EL. 170 m
    4.Gross Initial Storage (at EL. 170 m): 406,000,000 cubic meters
    5.Effective Storage: 335,510,000 cubic meters
    6.Maximum Water Surface (at Maximum Probable Flood): EL. 171 m
    7.Maximum Probable flood: 10,500 cms

  • Dam
    1.Type: Double curvature and variable thickness arch dam
    2.Height: 122.5 m
    3.Crest Length: 510 m
    4.Crest Elevation:
       Non-overflow Section: EL.172.5 m
       Overflow Section: EL. 161 m
    5.Design Flood Discharge at PMF: 9,870 cms
    6.Spillway: 8 sets, Radial Gate, Each 9.3 meters in height, 14 meters in width
    7.Sluiceway: 3 sets, Fixed-Wheel Gate, Each 3 meters in height, 2.5 meters in width
    8.Tunnel Spillway: 386.13 meter length, 10 meter diameter
    9.Auxiliary Dam & Plunge Pool: 1 set each

  • Power Plant
    1.Installed Capacity: 70,000 kw
    2.Design Head: 89 m
    3.Average Annual Generation: 223 Gwh

List of Symbols
m: meter
cms: cubic meters per second
kw: kilowatt
Gwh: gigawatt-hour