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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration


NO.TitlePublish Date
1TFRA increases water supply to New Taipei City2015-03-03
22014 APEC Typhoon Symposium visits Feitsui Reservoir2014-11-28
3The 2nd Phase of "Advanced Volunteer Training Program" has successfully concluded2014-10-31
4The 2nd Phase of "Advanced Volunteer Training Program" has successfully concluded2013-11-22
5"Feitsui Reservoir Little Angel Water Protection Training Program" has successfully Concluded2013-10-28
6Water Resources Agency & Water Resources Planning Institute Share Experience in Environmental Education2013-09-24
7Taiwan Cable Connection Corp. shared the Importance of Environmental Education2013-08-13
8The hydraulic expert, Dr. Wang Wen-jiang, lectured in Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration2013-07-19
9Mom Loves Taiwan Organization visited Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration2013-05-20
10Ministry of the Interior creates "Taiwan Against Gender-based Violence Network"2013-04-15
11Tomb Sweeping Ferry Open for Application2013-03-20
12The Teachers of Simen Elementary School of Taoyuan County Complete Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Education2013-01-04
13The 2012 annual advanced volunteer interpreter program has successfully completed.2012-08-06
14The Public Service Association of Presidential Palace completes Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Education.2012-05-28
15The Real-Time Online Image of Feitsui Reservoir Water-Level Brings the Public and the Reservoir Closer2012-04-30
16Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration Completes GHG Emission Investigation2012-01-31
17Volunteers Winter Camp2011-10-05
18Volunteers Summer Camp2011-03-08
19Dominican Republic Dignitary Patricia Abreu visits the Feitsui reservoir.2010-11-23
20FRA employee won the champion of Taipei City Government English speech competition.2010-11-10