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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration


Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration Completes GHG Emission Investigation

In order to achieve the goal of “Low Carbon, Green Energy, and Ecological management,” Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration (TFRA) has concluded the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission investigations for 2009 and 2010. The results had been verified by a third-party external company in compliance with the ISO 14064 process. On December 19, 2011, TFRA became the first reservoir to finish the investigations and was granted a certificate from Stephen Shu-hung, the Minister of Environmental Protection Administration.

Dr. Ming-lone Liou, Commissioner of TFRA, said, “Global climate and environment have been affected by industrial greenhouse gas; the public should be responsible for achieving carbon reduction. To achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction, TFRA will continue to implement the GHG Inventory Program every year.”

According to TFRA's GHG emission investigation report, a total of 3,782 tons of CO2e is produced per year, but the 203 million kWh of electricity generated by hydroelectric power plant each year, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of 124,844 tons of CO2e. Therefore, the actual GHG reduction from TFRA is 121,062 tons of CO2e per year, which is equivalent to the production of 408 Da-An Forest Parks or 4,500 households in a year.

Commissioner Dr. Ming-lone Liou said, “Through the GHG emission investigation report, we can now track the sources of GHG.” We have taken steps to carefully study energy conversation methods and continued to make improvements, such as building a small hydraulic power plant, a solar energy system replacing the older and less efficient electrical equipments, reducing oil and energy consumption, and adjusting air-conditioner temperatures. The goal is to reduce annual GHG emissions by as much as possible, while achieving our goal of obtaining even better energy conservation, carbon reduction, and water management results. Lastly, TFRA is a green power facility of Taipei City.

GHG Inventory in 2009-Total CHG Produced:3826tons

GHG Inventory in 2010-Total CHG Produced:3739tons