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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

Press Releases

Typhoon Trami’s Abundant Rainfall Ensures a Plentiful Feitsui Reservoir

Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
Publish Department: Operations Division
Date: 2013-8-22
Contact: Chief Wang; 02-26667946;0953-999651
Trami typhoon brought abundant rainfall to Feitsui Reservoir and with a proper reservoir management, the reservoir was able to effectively carry out flood control, ensuring full utilization of flood water and avoid unnecessary flood release, reaching the goals of storing water and assisting in prevention work against disasters.
Feitsui Reservoir Commissioner Liou expressed during Trami typhoon that the reservoir catchment area received an average rainfall of 322 mm, with Feitsui gauge station reached the highest of 383 mm. Trami typhoon is estimated to bring an upswing of 60 million tons of water. As of noon on Aug. 22, the reservoir water level was 160.72 meters and continued to rise.
The Reservoir further stated that the landing of Typhoon Trami happened to coincided with the seasonal high tide and to help reducing downstream river level, the reservoir communicated closely with Central Weather Bureau and Weather Center, Weather Wing, C.A.F., R.O.C. to collect comprehensive rainfall information. Therefore, the reservoir was able to increase water storage volume to accommodate the massive amount of incoming flood water. Hence, no flood water was released during the entire period of the typhoon. The flood operation also successfully prevented downstream flood.