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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

Press Releases

With “Operation of Storing Clear and Releasing Muddy water”, Feitsui Reservoir continues to reduce sedimentation ensuring a sustainable use.

During Saola typhoon, Feitsui Reservoir has taken in high turbidity floods, causing muddiness water. To prolong the life of the reservoir, without influencing tap water supply, the reservoir has taken steps using hydraulic de-silting to purify the water. Recently, concerned citizens have phoned the reservoir officials regarding turbidity water being release after Saola. The officials stated the reason of releasing turbidity water right after a typhoon is to remove highly muddiness water away from the reservoir as soon as possible to prolong the life of the reservoir and increase the water quality.

River sedimentation buildup is a natural phenomenon, without Feitsui Reservoir intercepting the turbidity flood from upstream of Peishih Creek; the downstream riverbed will be sourced by turbidity water. Therefore, with reservoir’s “Operation of Storing Clear and Releasing Muddy”, not only can the reservoir effectively reduce flow of silt water flowing downstream but it can also balance downstream riverbeds from overcrowded sediment.

According to Water Resources Agency’s reservoir integrated management program, the requirements for all national reservoir hydraulic de-silting operations are decreasing reservoir sedimentation buildup and restoring the function of sand transportation of rivers. Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration and Water Resources Agency will continue to implement hydraulic de-silting operations and providing a sustainable use of the reservoir.