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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

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Executive Yuan awards Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration with Prestigious National Sustainable Development Award

Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
Department: Office of Administrative Secretary
Release Date: December 6, 2012
Contact Person: Director Hung
Contact Telephone: (02) 2666-7130; 0926-376-322

The National Council of Executive Yuan has awarded the Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration with the Prestigious National Sustainable Development Award. Feitsui Reservoir Commissioner Ming-Lone Liou indicates receiving this award proves『the sustainable development on water resource environmental action plan』for the past 2 years is greatly appreciated and well deserved, and encourages a long-range program for Feitsui Reservoir achievements in the future.

Feitsui Reservoir Administration, in order to adhere the sustainable development core concepts of 『regulating flood, supporting droughts, and citizen’s welfare』.『High Quality』,『Ecology』, and『Education』were envisioned to provide quality water as the basis of economic development; and established a low-carbon green energy reservoir provides the foundation for ecological environmental conservation and lastly promoting public participation in water resources education. Thus, the specific achievements were approved by the National Sustainable Development Council of Executive Yuan.

Commissioner Liou would like to thank Taipei Water Management Office, WRA, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan Forestry Bureau, and New Taipei City Government for their unprecedented cooperation protecting our water resources. Special thanks to Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, for their long-term assistance on water protection and conservation. Last, but not least, thanks to the residents of the catchment area for their sacrifice and dedication assisting in this job. Liou stressed that persisting the sustainable operation of Feitsui Reservoir will require continuous strengthening of water quantity and quality protection through cooperation with central and local government agencies.

The Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration will continue to examine sources of pollution, and promote the protection of designated reservoir water conservation area. The catchment area is strictly monitored and eco-labeling phosphate-free detergents, pesticides and fertilizer control has been incorporated. Various anti-silt sedimentation reduction and pollution prevention control works have been implemented as well. Sophisticated reservoir operation provides Taipei City and New Taipei City quality water. A sustainable water resources environment creates a win-win situation for government and the people.

Executive Yuan awards Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration with『2012 Prestigious National Sustainable Development Award』

Executive Yuan awards Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration with『2012 Prestigious National Sustainable Development Award』