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Press Releases

New Taipei-Yilan Railway Avoid Passing through Feitsui Watershed, TFRA: Judicious Decision

The 3rd route evaluation meeting of "Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Nangang to Hualian Speed Improvement Plan" was held on April 22nd with 3 alternative routes while 2 pass through Feitsui watershed.
For the purpose of water resources conservation, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration (TFRA) has been against the routes of New Taipei-Yilan railway passing through Feitsui watershed. Taipei city Mayer Hau also claimed in the municipal meeting that New Taipei-Yilan railway should keep away from Feitsui watershed.
Owing to the importance of water resources, the meeting concluded by recommending that only one bypassing Feitsui watershed as the most feasible route. TFRA expressed, “It is a judicious choice.” However, this recommendation still needs to be approved by the Executive Yuan. TFRA will continue to express our concern about this project.

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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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