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Press Releases

Authorities strengthen the inspection since burned waste found in the upstream of Peishi Creek.

According to the Apple Daily from September 23rd report, camp ground owner was found burning waste illegally in the upstream of Feitsui Reservoir wastershed, Black Dragon Pool. Feitsui Reservoir Administration (FRA), Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of New Taipei City and Taipei Water Management Office (TWMO) of Water Resource Agency inspected the camp grounds this morning and has notified the camp owner to carefully treat the waste and anymore of illegal actives violating the environmental protection law will subject to fines.

The camp ground of Black Dragon Pool is located some twenty kilometers away from Feitsui Reservoir’s full pool area and forty kilometers away from the dam site. The average Carlson Index of Feitsui reservoir, an index examining water quality, from January to August of 2011 is 39.88, which in terms is in good condition. Moreover, FRA took water sample to examine 21 kinds of pesticide and 8 kinds of plasticizer, including DEHP and MTBE on 18th of July and 5th of September. Both results showed that no pollution was detected and it is clear that the water quality of Feitsui reservoir is safe.

In the morning of 23rd of September, FRA sent officials to collect and examine the water sample of Black Dragon Pool. The initial examination results showed that the water is not polluted. From 2007 to 2010, FRA, EPD, and TWMO have taken 124 times of union inspection on camp grounds and deer farms along the Peishi Creek and another 33 times of union inspection have been held from January to September of 2011. FRA continues to watch and hope that business owners along the watershed area will never violate the environmental protection law again and help us to protect the water source.

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