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Press Releases

Feitsui Reservoir Water Level Rise, Ends Water Scare at The Greater Taipei Area

Nanmadol typhoon brought enormous amount of rainfall to the reservoir, causing reservoir water level rose for more than 6 meters and a substantial increase in storage capacity to 54.4 million cubic meters of water.

Since at 0:00 on August 27th to 30th at 17:00, the cumulative rainfall was 281 mm, water level rose from the lowest level of 153.36 meters to 159.63 meters, an increase of 6.27 meters. The storage capacity is at 2 billion 4,535 million cubic meters with the reservoir at 73.13% full is continued to rise.

Although the greater area of Taipei has no fear of the water supply shortage, Feitsui authorities continue to remind the people to cherish the precious water resources.

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  • Updated: 2011/9/15 14:00
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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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