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How does the water/flood release broadcasting system of Feitsui Reservoir operate?

To ensure the safety of residents living downstream,the Feitsui Reservoir broadcasting system is activated prior to water releases (flood discharges) to warn residents to leave the downstream areas immediately. The procedures are as follows:
(1)Water Supply/Hydropower Release: 15 minutes prior to Feitsui Reservoir's water release, the Feitsui Reservoir broadcasting system will activate the warning system from the river downstream of Feitsui dam to Xindian Guangxing Park.
(2)Flood Discharges: according to the announcement made by the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in November, 2001, Feitsui Reservoir must activate the flood release warning system 2 hours (in 20-minute increment) prior to the release. The warning system covers areas from the river downstream of Feitsui dam to Huajiang Bridge.

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