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The Real-Time Online Image of Feitsui Reservoir Water-Level Brings the Public and the Reservoir Closer

Feitsui Reservoir Administration (FRA) provides citizens a real-time water-level image on the FRA website to promote the concept of cherishing water and to tie the relationship between citizens and the reservoir closer. Citizens can now access the real-time water-level image anytime on the internet ( to look up the reservoir operation information.

The Commissioner of FRA, Dr. Ming-Lone Liou, indicates that FRA has been devoted in information technology to provide citizens a thorough reservoir hydrological information. Besides the reservoir water level, rainfall of the watershed, water quality, and reservoir sedimentation are all listed on the FRA website. The automatic water level phone report system is also available. Moreover, FRA has recently developed a real-time water-level image online system to offer citizens another way of viewing the water level rather than viewing in characters or hearing in voices.

Dr. Ming-Lone Liou says the relationship between the reservoir and citizens has gotten significantly closer by the real-time water-level image. The image will not only provide current reservoir storage information, but make the reservoir closer to its citizens. Therefore, we can make people more conservable on water consumption and cherish our water source.

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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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