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1.Management Division
   (1)Hydropower Management.
   (2)Water Supply Management.
   (3)Waterway Traffic Management.
   (4)Facilities Maintenance and Improvements.
   (5)Engineering Construction and Pollution Prevention.
   (6)Watershed Coordination.

2.Operations Division
   (1)Public raw water supply.
   (2)Flood operations.
   (3)Water quality monitoring.
   (4)Sedimentation survey. 
   (5)Flood warning system maintenance.
   (6)Hydrological and meteorological data collection.

3.Safety Division
   (1)Inspection of the main dam and related facilities
   (2)Maintenance of the main dam and related facilities
   (3)Dam safety monitoring
   (4)Dam safety evaluation
   (5)Storage and renewing technical data

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