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Description of Feitsui Reservoir

Description of Feitsui Reservoir

Feitsui Dam
The Feitsui Dam is a three-centered double curvature and variable thickness concrete arch dam. It is the biggest volume concrete dam in Taiwan. The dam body is divided along the dam axis into 29 different blocks with a total of 938 lifts.Each lift is 2.5 meters high. The dam  is 122.5 meters high,roughly equivalent to 45 stories, and 510 meters long from the crest, with a volume of 700,000 cubic meters of concrete. There are three kinds of spilling facilities, including eight crest spillways, three sluiceways and one tunnel spillway. In order to dissipate the energy generated by spillway and sluiceway discharges, a plunge pool 33 meters in depth is located downstream of the main dam.

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