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Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration

Achievements of 2018

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration April, 2015 Administrative Report

Information Acknowledged:April 30, 2015  Last Updated:May 25, 2015

Organizers:Hsu, Li-hong Title: Secretary Telephone:26664903



Administrative Report

Innovative measures



1. Water Supply

  • To meet the water demand of Taipei area, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir supplied raw water to Taipei Water Department in April 2015. In addition, about 16.9 million cubic meters of tap water were supplied to Taiwan Water Corporation.


2. Water Quality

  • A proper reservoir water management system is needed to provide healthy quality water. The Carlson’s Trophic State Index of April 2015 is 34.7, which falls under the oligotrophic level and it is consumable for the general public.


3. Dam Safety

  • During April’s monthly dam safety inspection, a total of 1,926 measurements by appropriate personnel and 7,350 measurements by the remote control system were completed, thus ensuring the stability of the dam.


4. Water Sales Statistics

  • 36.13 million cubic meters of water were sold in April 2015, generating sales revenue of NT$18.8 million. As of April, the total revenue reached NT$75.6 million.
  • Power plant is maintained this month; capacity revenue was NT$11.2 million. As of April, the total revenue reached NT$75.1 million.


5. Water Quality Protection

  • To strengthen the protection of our water resource, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration, Taipei Water Management Office, Department of Environmental Protection and the New Taipei City Government conducted joint surveillances to inspect and protect the catchment area. Three joint inspections in April around camping sites, upstream deer farms, and areas of possible source of pollutions have been carried out.
  • Strict measures of water quality and quantity protection were implemented against water pollution. In April, 2015, 2 cases of illegal fishing was caught and penalized by the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


6. Water Resources Eco-Education

  • In April, a total of 768 visitors (14 groups), comprising members from the general public, the academia, and industrial and business circles have visited the reservoir. The cumulative total of visitors in 2015 is 1,415.
  • The Home of Taipei Water Festival was held on April 25 with a total of 200 participants.



Future Policies

A. The Operation of Water Resources

  1. Enhancing operational functions of the Feitsui reservoir, providing large quantities of high quality water to meet the demand of New Taipei City and Taipei City
  2. Strengthening the electricity operation and water regulations; making full use of water resources

B. Maintenance and Improvement of the Dam and Related Facilities

  1. Maintaining the stability of dam safety monitoring system to ensure dam safety
  2. Implementing hydraulic facility maintenances to ensure a smooth and sound operation
  3. Implementing hydro-generator overhaul to improve the stability of power plant equipment and increasing output efficiency

C. Improvement of Water Quality and Prevention of Reservoir Sedimentation

  1. Coordinating with related agencies to reduce water pollution
  2. Continue to maintain water and soil conservation to control the reservoir’s sedimentation
  3. Continuing to promote water conservation and environmental education