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Will Feitsui Reservoir break during strong earthquakes?

Due to the geolocation of Feitsui Reservoir near the Taipei metropolis, its geology and adjacent faults were properly investigated and evaluated in the stage of site selection. The design guideline of “No collapse in big earthquakes, no cracks in small earthquakes” was also adhered to and safety factors were also considered in the design of dam structure. Through years of seismic activity data collection and research, the average earthquake magnitude of Feitsui Reservoir is 1 to 2 magnitudes lower than that of Taipei City. With its double-curvature concrete arch dam and the strict supervision it underwent during its construction, Feitsui Dam has an excellent capacity for withstanding seismic activities.

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  • Updated: 2013/8/5 19:23
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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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