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Press Releases

Benefit from Water Environmental Education Information Platform 『Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』 Official Website is Now Online

Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
Department: Office of Administrative Services
Release Date: April 17th, 2012
Contact Person: Director Hung
Contact Number: (02) 2666-7130; 0926-376-322

『Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』was approved on November 17th, 2011 and is nation’s first governmental facility to be authenticated by the Central Government. In order to promote Water Environmental Education and provide a quality educational information exchange platform,『Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』 official website is, collaborating with 2012 World Earth Day, now live on the web.

The main content of the website focuses on Feitsui Reservoir’s rich natural ecology, abundant water resource, and the environmental education learning center, as well as combining a『Low-Carbon, Green Energy, Ecology』to give diverse users a fully understandable water environmental education information exchange platform. Two courses (5 modules) will be available to provide for variety groups of people and agencies.

Taipei Feitsui Reservoir urges public to come visit『Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』and for more information please logon to

『Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』Official Website

『Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center』Official Website

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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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