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How to get here

Contact Information

Office Hours:0830~1700

Driving directions to Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration office:
Access the Third National Highway, exit at Xindian interchange (26 Xindian) and drive along Zhongxing Rd. toward Wulai. Turn left at the intersection of Zhongxing Rd. and Beiyi Rd. Then turn right at the intersection of Beiyi Rd. and Xinwu Rd. Drive down Xinwu Rd. about 7 km. (The estimated total commute time is about 25 minutes).

Public transportation:
Take the New Taipei City Bus Xindian-Wulai Line at MRT(Mass Rapid Transit) Xindian station and get off at Feitsui Reservoir station. (The estimated total commute time is about 25 minutes).

43, Sec. 3, Xinwu Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City, 23160, Taiwan (ROC).

Feitsui Reservoir Location

Feitsui Reservoir Location

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