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Reservoir Operations

Reservoir Operations

Reservoir OperationsThe goals of reservoir operations are to provide raw water for public use and to ensure dam safety.
Taipei Feitsui Reservoir aims at satisfying the public water demand only.The raw water utilization policy is first uses Nanshih Creek natural flow. If this is not enough, water is released from the reservoir to satisfy the demand.Water released by the reservoir and Nanshih creek are conveyed through the river channel to the Zhitan and Chingtan intake of the Taipei Water Department. After purification by water treatment plants,the clean water is delivered to households through distribution networks.
Reservoir flood releases is executed when a typhoon hits.The Feitsui Reservoir Administration cooperates with the Central Weather Bureau, the Danshuei River Basin Flood Control Command Center,and other related authorities to collect information for the decision making for flood releases.Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration also works with Shihmen Reservoir to release flood in strict compliance with operation rules to ensure dam safety, water supply and flood mitigation.

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  • Source: Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration
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